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Everyone, meet Kelly.  Here’s her amazing chronology of learning how to trust signals and signs, all of them leading up to a wonderful synchronicity of grace.  Thank you Kelly for sharing this with us:

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A series of serendipitous events happened over about a 1 week period leading up to a significant event has led me to a deeper trust in my knowing and intuition. Here goes….

The first that I recall was that I was planning to head to my dear friend, Ellen’s house. Before heading down, I wanted to go for a surf on a beautiful sunny Summer morning. As I was surfing and enjoying the water, I looked down at my watch (a 1 year old Timex Ironman) was all fogged up and no longer displaying the time. A few weeks prior, I had noticed the night light stopped working.  I was really bummed and surprised. These things never stop working. I loved that watch, I was very attached and it was only a year old. I use my watch a lot as a timer, a night light and I just have a thing with it. I actually almost never take it off. I had replaced one where the band had finally come apart after many years of wear.

Anyway, I headed down to Ellen’s after my surf with an uneasy feeling. When we get together, things start happening, shifting, and opening up. It’s welcomed, but sometimes overwhelming . When we got together, there was a very big message “about time”. Time was a significant word in our discussions and messages. I had a funny feeling that something big was going to happen and it didn’t feel all that good. I was uneasy.

When I got home for our visit, she even sent me a text that she had heard the Imagine Dragons song, “It’s time”.

That week, I still had that uneasy feeling. On the Friday of that week, things really started happening quickly.

6 months before, I had gone on a fabulous trip to St. John and on the trip, I discovered shiva eye shell jewelry. It’s a white shell with a brown spiral in the middle. So beautiful and the spiral represents positive energy and protects against negative forces. Anyway, I bought a silver ring with the shell in the middle.  One day the shell popped out and all that was left was the silver part of the ring. I was very bummed and figured I had lost the shell. I had seen the empty silver ring on Friday morning wondering if that shell would ever turn up. I was hopeful, because I had kept the silver ring part just in case.

Later on that same Friday, I had decided to go shopping in Portsmouth, NH.  I realized that I had to get change for the meter and I think I had literally just emptied my change into a homeless person’s cup earlier that week. No change in my wallet, so I had to dig into my very deep cavernous purse. I scooped out a handful of treasures…. Gum, some change (just enough), and…. the missing shiva eye shell! I smiled in delight and said, I knew it would turn up!

I walked around Portsmouth and enjoyed some shopping. The one thing I just had to have was a handmade string of fabric hearts with colorful beads in between the hearts and there is a bell on the end. My friend, Ellen had one hanging in her kitchen with chickens and it reminded me that I bought one for my daughter’s room a few years ago and I really wanted one for my new place. I was very happy to have found it and even saw one in another store earlier, so I knew I should get it. It goes perfectly with my vast collection of heart stones from the beach.


The next day, I went to yoga and after my shavasana, I was drawn again to my watch. “On time” was the message I got. O.K., I get it. It’s time for something.

Later that night, I was tired, but felt strongly I needed to go to Barnes and Noble for a book that I wanted. Even then, I knew that’s not why I’m going and I’ll figure it out along the way.  Near Barnes and Noble, there is a Kohl’s store. I bought my watch there, so I went in to see if they had any more so I could replace my broken one.  A saleslady cheerfully helped me find what I was looking for.  They didn’t have the exact watch, but I liked this new one, so I was going to get it. I asked her if Timex has a replacement policy, because these watches typically do not break. She quickly decided to just replace it for free for me. No questions or further discussion. I was very thankful.  Next, I felt compelled to get this new watch on my wrist right then.  I asked  someone to help me get some scissors to get it out of the package. I put it on. I kept looking at it as I walked out of the store.  I felt like this was the watch I had been wearing the whole time. Interesting feeling – a little like déjà vu.

I headed over to Barnes and Noble. Walked around and found the book I was looking for and wandered some more. I noticed a Grey’s Anatomy text book with a beautiful leather-bound cover and the pages are bound in silver. On the cover is a full color detailed picture of the human heart. I had to have this book in my house. I had to have it. I am studying to be a holistic nutritionist, so this explains some of my interest, but it was a strong draw to this book.

I got home that night and got into bed at about 10:00. At 10:30 my phone rang. My Father’s wife was on the other line. She said; “Dad’s ok, but he had a heart attack. We got him there right on time.”

The doctors told my dad that God was looking out for him. Because he got there just in time, there was no damage to his heart after being revived three times with no pulse. He is actually better off than before his heart attack, because they put a stent in to open his semi-blocked artery. Wow! We are so grateful and what an opportunity for a second chance.

When you have a feeling, trust it.