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Thank you to everyone who sent your stories to me!

I received quite a bunch of them, so we’re going to trot them out in groups.  Hopefully they will inspire the rest of you contribute too!  (Note:  I only added a few edits for flow, the rest is all in your own words, Chickies)!

Here’s the first one I received from my friend Kerri:  Ok here is one for you.  Connor had taped the National Geographic special about 9/11 around Sept 8th or so (this year).  He wanted to watch about 20 minutes of the show with me on Sept 10th before he went to bed.  I have a hard time watching the footage still but I agreed to watch a bit with him.  As he scrolled through to find the spot where he had left off, I logged onto Facebook.  A friend of mine from college posted a picture of a friend that said, “true hero”, nothing more.  Not more than 30 seconds into the show, my friend’s true hero appeared on the screen.  He was lost in the plane that hit the pentagon.  His wife was just then telling her story about how she never heard from him again. Coincidence? No.

A Place of Remembrance

Next, from my dear friend and soul sister Annie:

Aloha Susan….Latest synchronicity…

I had a dream Sat. night that I was around all these flensed whales…saw their throat grooves, blubber, baleen laying on a warehouse floor…there were all these men around doing scientific research stuff.  (was haunting to me….)

Then in awake time…60 minutes aired a segment last night about a woman named Nan Hauser, from New England that studies humpback whales in the Cook Islands…The producer that created the segment wanted to do this piece because his grandfather was the first to record humpback whale song.  Turns out when she was a little girl, that man, Frank ….something….was her neighbor.  She would listen to his recordings and that is why she became a whale researcher. 

 Wait, it gets better.

 Then I went on line to see more about Nan and found a link to a woman named Mary ANN Sherman from New Bedford, MA.  Turns out Nan is descended from Mary Ann.  Mary Ann was married to a whale ship captain and went on a 5 year voyage with him from the age of 19-25.  She died on the voyage on my birthday…Jan. 5th 1850…in (you guessed it)….the Cook Islands!   Nan said the first time she went to the Cook Islands she was filled with over-whelming emotion and it all felt so familiar.  She has lived there now 15 years and is still researching humpbacks…She also searched for a year and found Mary Ann’s grave there…check out the photo on the website.  

Then I kept getting a message about a “Lynn McTaggert”…the name just keep popping into my head.  Turns out she has written books about the quantum field and how everything is connected.  I ordered her book The Power of Intention..she is the woman who wrote the book The Field.  Both books use science to back up what shamans and psychics have known for years…it’s all connected.


Thank you again for your stories, keep them coming!  In November we’ll have at least one fabulous story from my first-ever GUEST blogger, author and friend Phyllis Ring!