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Who knows this joke:  There are two kinds of people in the world…the ones who believe in categorizing people, and the ones who don’t.

Now raise your hand if you believe there are no coincidences.  You guys are now in Group A.  😉

This month I’m going to devote blog space to our stories of synchronicity, which is what Group A calls the coincidences they don’t believe in.

Take my offices, for example:  In Exeter, the street number of my office is 28.  I can walk exactly two blocks to Blue Moon Evolution for lunch.  I can hear the train from my office.  Exeter is in the Seacoast region of New Hampshire.

My office in San Diego is in the Seacoast building.  The street address is 2870.  I am exactly two blocks away from a vegan restaurant called Evolution.  I can hear the train from my office.

Now consider two things that happened yesterday:  A client told me about a t-shirt she bought earlier that week for a friend who recently had elected to have a mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer.  It reads, “Yes, these are fake.  The real ones tried to kill me”.  (Clever, fabulous!)  Twenty minutes later I walked down to Swasey Parkway to check out the Powderkeg Beer and Chili Fest and what do I see?  A booth devoted entirely to clothing and products designed to help women who have had mastectomies.  And what is on display on the front of the booth?  Yep.

On my way down to the parkway, I crossed the street by the post office, and as I stepped into the crosswalk I realized a cyclist had slowed down to let me cross.  But as I was just starting across, I motioned to her and said, “Thanks, you can go!  Keep rolling, keep rolling!”

Later that afternoon, as I was riding my bike home, I slowed down in front of the crosswalk on Lincoln street, to let some people cross.  One of the group caught my eye, smiled, and started making the exact same motion I had made, urging me through.  “Keep rolling, keep rolling!”  he shouted.

Now I know you all have lots and lots of stories like these, because you share them with me all the time.  The number that has been following you everywhere.  The way you wake up at that exact time in the middle of the night.  The butterflies, birds, rainbows, etc. that you ask for when you need a sign, and how they appear.  And more.

You want me to tell you What This All Means.

And I am not going to do that.  Just yet.

Because I want us to stay in the sharing of the stories for a little longer.  Let’s explore what it means together.

Please email me with your stories and I will do my best to include each and every one.

And Happy Fall!