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Tonight at the Lane Memorial Library in Hampton, you can see works by Heather Crowley, who I was fortunate enough to interview as part of my Spirituality in Art series.  Heather will also speak at the event, and you don’t want to miss her speak!

Heather is an amazing woman.  Many of her images are beautiful mandalas and chakras, calling upon her yoga practice and Buddhist embrace.

You will be captivated by how she found her way back to art after many years believing that it wasn’t possible to be an artist because it wasn’t financially viable.

Heather not only pursued a career in medicine because of the fear that artists can’t make money, but graduated at the top of her class in medical school!

I found her “aha” moment breathtaking!  Listen in here.

Waterlily and Whitetail Dragonfly  8 x 11″ limited edition print

You can find out more about Heather and her work at willowroadwc.com.

She also has work showing at the Riverwalk Healing Arts Gallery in Amesbury MA, and The Levy Gallery in Portsmouth NH.

Sahasrara-Bliss, 7″ print

Books mentioned on the show:  Linda Lear’s book about Beatrix Potter, A Life in Nature, and Stephen Cope’s book The Great Work of Your Life.  You can find both at Water Street Bookstore or your other friendly independent bookseller!