Rosjke is one of those women who I feel lucky to know.  And grateful to have met.  She is a wonderful example of someone who totally understands the sacred feminine in a broad (no pun intended) way.

In her work she has tapped into a multi-generational perception of what happens when women aren’t free to express themselves and pursue their dreams.

A therapist and writer, I interviewed Rosjke about International Women’s Day and her brilliant technique of mother-daughter mapping.  Understanding our stories as women in the context of what gets silenced and passed down from woman to woman in families.

I hope Rosjke will agree to come back because we barely scratched the surface!

Here is the link to the show

Here is Rosjke’s blog on Huffington post

Here is Rosjke’s website

And here is the link to Leslie Maitland’s book, Crossing The Border of Time.