So, Hilary Crowley is amazing.

She is an energy healer.  That is the simplest way to describe it, but not the most comprehensive.  If you listen you’ll get a better way to understand it.

The best parts of this interview were:

  1. The interview was during pledge week at WSCA, and the energy in the room was just so positive and infectious!
  2. I grabbed a new trainee off the phones to jump on with us, and he (Jack Reed) landed right on his feet!
  3. We were also joined by the fabulous Kate Mitchell, host of Mama’s Hot House on Sunday from 9-11 pm.
  4. Hilary’s friend Dave called in and donated an in-kind gift of painting the studio!
  5. An amazing psychic story about bald eagles happened right after the show:  Here it is in Hilary’s own words:  When I waved goodbye to Susan in the radio station lot, I hadn’t yet turned the ignition on when a new neighbor rang my phone.  She is a delightful addition to my community of friends so I picked up the phone instead of driving away.

    “Hey – how’s it going?” I answered.

    “Hilary, I can’t believe this,” her voice was cracking on the verge of a laugh or cry, I couldn’t tell. “I’m completely having such a wild morning, it’s unbelievable.”  Now she was definitely laughing.

    “I’m gonna hope it’s a good kind of wild?”

    “I just saw a Bald Eagle in the park next to your house,” she raved.

    “No, way! That’s awesome!”  I began to drive my car and explain how Susan and her co-hosts were discussing the benefits of owning the kayak incentive gift given for the pledge drive. The chance to win came with a donation to the station.  We all mentioned fantastic places to kayak in the area and Kate (from the Mama’s Hot House show) added that kayaking is a great way to spot a Bald Eagle.  Susan mentioned that a friend had seen one over the Exeter river the day before.  And now, in the same hour, my friend called about an actual sighting.

    “Yes, I called your house but found out you were on the radio on Susan Gorman’s show.  Susan once did an amazing reading for me and pretty much told me how my life was going unfold exactly as it is now. All I can say is ‘wow’ right now.”  She finally took a breath. “So you heard us on the radio and I can’t believe you guys were on together!”

    “Then you must have heard the part when we were just discussing Bald Eagles?”

    “Wait, what? You were?” she’d been too distracted and struck by the Susan Gorman connection to notice.

    “Yes!! We were just talking about Bald Eagles probably right when you spotted one in the park or maybe when you were listening.”

    “What does Bald Eagle mean, in spiritual terms?”

    “Eagles are the Master Healer symbol – but that’s just one of many thoughts – it could mean anything to you.”

    “Ok, this is all just too intense, I think I’m going insane today – I’ve got to hang up the phone…”

    “You’re just in the flow of coincidence and synchronicity – but, yeah, probably a good idea to get off the phone.  I’ll leave you with the words of my wise shaman…”You’re not going insane, my dear, you’re going sane!”

    We hung up. I smiled but wondered if the Great Blue Heron had a problem with a Bald Eagle at his park.

Click to listen to the show:  Enjoy!

You can find Hilary at Whole Life Health Care  603-431-6677

If you need painting in the Seacoast area, please call Dave Pine  at Portsmouth Paint Company 603-969-6591

And listen to Mama’s Hot House on Sundays!

Here’s Hilary: