It so is.

Because two weeks ago, I took in my first Bikram class in weeks.  For one reason or  another (election, work, travel, jet lag, fear of getting sick) I had not taken a class in a long, long time.

As I stood to begin, I looked myself straight in the eyes and said to myself, “Listen, this class is probably going to be a bitch.  You’re tight, you’re tired, and you are feeling anxious.  So just do what we agreed, just focus on good breathing and everything else you do is gravy.  Nice and relaxed, okay?”

And what I heard in response, from deep, deep inside, rocked my world:  There is a self in you that doesn’t know you can’t do this.  Why don’t you do the class with that self?

Well, evidently my ignorant self is a flexible, risk-taking yoga babe!  Every time I felt a negative thought rise to consciousness, I simply stepped to the right or left of it and moved on.  If it was really stubborn, standing in front of me with its hands on its hips and a glare in its eyes, I just leapfrogged over it.

Postures that have challenged me for years were suddenly easy.  My breathing was slow and relaxed.  I wasn’t any tighter than if I had taken class the day before.  I intuitively knew how to let myself find each posture, discovering it.  I progressed more deeply into my practice with less effort than in any other class I’ve taken.

Leapfrogging.  What a concept.  Rather than engage and do battle with our ego-selves, we can simply jump right over them into our power?  That means I have all the love, compassion, wisdom, and humor to respond to anything that is presented to me.

I see that I have been calling so much change in my life “transformation”, but really, it’s been a ground war.  I’ve been trying to muscle my way to “perfect”, resisting whatever arbitrary set of conditions my ego decides it needs in any given moment.

Time to extrapolate the hell out of this message and transform everything!!