Oh this was such a fabulous show!

My dear, dear friend Katherine Bultman was in town, so I suggested we pair her up with the fabulous Ashley Davis Bush, who I was lucky enough to interview last year.

Both women are MSW’s, and both have interesting backgrounds that converge around the topic of loss and grieving:  Ashley is the author of several books, including Transcending Loss (1997) and Shortcuts to Inner Peace (2011), and Katherine is a medical social worker who works in a hospital.

Last year Katherine came to visit around this same time and after sitting in quietly on the radio show, she said, “You know we have a lot in common.  We both deal with dead people.  You talk to them after they’ve crossed over and I talk to them before!”.

Enjoy listening!  We are so fortunate to talk about how intuition plays a role in the major transition of the body from life to death to afterlife.