I was giddy with anticipation for this particular show!

All summer I “collected” people, looking for those I felt had a spiritual connection to their process as an artist, writer, or musician, and on Monday we did a wonderful launch of the discussion series.

You can listen here:  http://audio.wscafm.org/audio/2012/PSYCHIC-STORIES/WSCA_10-08-2012_09-00.mp3.

Featured are Irene Greenberg, collage artist and jewelry artisan; Deb Wheeler-Bean, artist and art educator at Lincoln Street School in Exeter, and Rosemarie Bishop, a writer.

It was fascinating to compare how each woman accesses and utilizes her inner voice to help spark the creative process and keep it alive.

You can find Irene on Facebook here:  https://www.facebook.com/EyeGeeDesign

Deb is also on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/AnahataGalley?fref=ts

Rosemarie’s website with a complete list of her publications:  http://www.rosemariebishop.com/

Another great website for anyone working on setting loose their creativity is http://makegreatstuff.com/.


Susan Gorman