Disclaimer:  My favorite soapbox topic for pondering:  What would your life have been like if you had been encouraged to listen to your still, small voice?

Many of my workshops start out with that premise.  Intuition is marginalized.  So, who would you be today if say, during your kindergarten day, your little self did meditation and intuition building exercises in addition to math, reading, and building social skills?

For most of us it’s pretty profound to embrace the idea that we all have strong intuitive abilities, but we’ve neglected them to such an extent that they won’t respond when we want them to.

It’s actually worse than that.  Because as a society we’ve not just neglected intuition, we’ve aggressively discredited it.  There are of course many reasons why, but I’ll save those for another day.

The thing to focus on is that I am here to convert you all into Psychic Chickens, one child at a time!

I’d waited a long time to teach to kids, and I must say it was a total blast!  All of the kids who attended were ones who I had met for the first time before they were conceived or in utero!  They ranged in ages from 7-15 and attended with a parent if under 10.

It was a short class, of about 45-minutes, and we went over the basics.  What is Intuition?  What does someone who calls themselves a Psychic do?  What are the three main types of intuitive gifts?

What is it like to have an intuition?  What does it feel like?

I coached them into an exercise where they tuned into each other (getting them to hold hands was a little tough), and I have to say, it is amazing how quickly these kids “got it”, and how willing they were to see where what I was saying fit, rather than fight me on it.

I sent them off into the world with this caution to their parents, “The real class will start as they begin to incorporate what they heard into their daily lives.  Get ready for a lot of questions!”  And nowhere has this been more true than in my own household!!  It’s hard to make any decision around here without being quizzed on why I did or did not “scan” it through my intuition, and what I saw/felt.

I’m so looking forward to the next class.

And as one of my darling new students said on the way to class, “So.  We’re going to be learning about our Intuishies then?”  Yes my Paduan, yes.