Today I interviewed my first dog.  This is Zoe, isn’t she adorable?  She’s one of the adoptable tail-waggers from Mary’s Dogs.

Photo: 1-2 years old ...

I also interviewed Zoe’s chaperone, my friend and personal heroine, Mary Doane. She is creator of Mary’s Dogs, a local group that rescues dogs directly from a kill shelter in Aiken South Carolina and places them in good homes.

Mary and I did talk a lot about Aaron Foster, the dog that helped her focus on her mission.  It’s a wonderful psychic story about seeing a picture of a dog and knowing, “This one belongs to me”.  Mary was encouraged not to go anywhere near Aaron, as he was “just a shell” of a creature.  He’d been living wild for all of his 9 months on the planet, and had such incredible socialization and fear issues, it would have required multiple miracles to help him live.

But Mary listened to her intuition every step of the way, and Aaron not only responded well to her training, but helped Mary see that rescuing dogs was her life’s purpose.

I’ve had a lot of fun being one of the helpers at the welcoming when the dogs arrive off the truck….and Mary and I got to talk about all that the dogs can tell me.

Their stories are as individual as they are.  Here’s a picture of the dog that started it all, Aaron.  Listen by clicking the link below:

Aaron's Journey