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First, a shout-out to Gail Goodwin of the NYT, whose column this morning is brilliant in two ways: she quickly points out that the attack on women’s rights is a distraction from more important issues at hand in our country, and she draws the curtain out from behind Akin’s platform misogyny to show that it’s cultural, widespread, and vicious in its pervasiveness.

Next, listen to my friend Amy Selwyn’s cogent points made on FB yesterday (she’s referencing three articles in the NYT):   First,  on an article on the GOP platform: “With the challenges we’re facing as a country and as a planet — war, violence, poverty, hunger, climate change, education, obesity, health, you name it, the GOP will assemble and lead with its two biggest worries: same-sex marriage and women’s reproductive rights. Wow. They’ve moved so far to the right that the extreme is now the mainstream”.  Then, “Texas’s Republican-controlled legislature and Gov. Rick Perry are perfectly willing to endanger the general health and welfare of low-income women to further their agenda of eroding abortion rights. It is impossible to overstate the callousness of the state regulation and the harm it will inflict. The program serves more than 100,000 uninsured low-income women. How can ANYONE vote for these people?”.  And, “Maureen Dowd nails it. As usual. ‘(Paul Ryan is) just a fresh face on a Taliban creed — the evermore antediluvian, anti-women, anti-immigrant, anti-gay conservative core. Amiable in khakis and polo shirts, Ryan is the perfect modern leader to rally medieval Republicans who believe that Adam and Eve cavorted with dinosaurs.'”
Read the articles, they are all important.

One you’ve done your homework ;), you’ll be ready to discuss:  Why am I talking about politics on a blog I created to offer a window into spiritual, intuition-based living?

Can you guess?

The Muse is a reference point for the Sacred Feminine.  Our bodies, hearts, and minds channel Life in all its forms.  Violence towards women, whether by individual acts or systematic, societal attacks towards the policies that govern women’s rights, affect the spiritual life of all of us.

These policies are based on fear, hatred, projected shame, and a belief that since there isn’t enough to go around, we should punish the citizens whose humanity and need are most visible.

The political climate in our country is in my opinion, hostile. It may always have been that way, but what is happening right now in the good ol’ United States of America is a dynamic that strikes me as very similar to what happened in Germany in the ’20’s.  The culture of hatred against Jews became institutionalized. Before Jews could be sent to camps and exterminated, time had to elapse as a perfect storm of historical, cultural, and societal factors coalesced into the massive buy-in:  a) that Jews were the problem and b) it was okay to eradicate them.  Fear becomes reality when it is driven underground, not confronted.  So it worked because protest and criticism were silenced. I will not speculate as to what would have happened if the good people who were shocked or horrified by what they were hearing or seeing (or not hearing or seeing as denial factored in) would have made their voices heard.

But I will absolutely make my voice and my vote heard now.

Many people expect an Intuitive to see above or beyond the fray. There’s an assumption that if I am publicly political then I am biased away from the big truth, from the “all that is”. As a Democrat I can’t read for Republicans, it follows.

There’s also, in the healing arts community, this idea that choosing a political side is an indication that one misses the big picture in some way. That the big answers have nothing to do with political parties and their squabbles.

(There’s also an idea in our community that the purest Intuitives among us refuse to charge money for what we do, as it dirties the experience somehow).

I’ve never understood any of that, and furthermore, I believe those are all easy rationalizations of how our community has bought into the marginalization that society has decided is our place.

This is my profession, I do care what happens to the people in my community, country, and world, and I will tell you about it. Especially when the policies of any particular group are so cruel and hateful.  Even more especially when it appears other people are listening to them.  I totally agree with Amy when she calls out the bewildering distractions of the GOP, but I will add that those distractions point out real danger to the women and children of our country, and therefore to all of us.
I have spent twenty-five years teaching women, men, and kids to listen to their hearts. I have spent longer listening to mine. In the readings I have done for the thousands I have read for, I help them all, unconditionally, toward their happiest, healthiest, most prosperous path. And then I help them stay on it.  I could care less what your political (or any) persuasion is, but when you start to buy into fear-based realities, then it matters.

I teach the development of a new governing belief system, based on plenty, love, generosity, and humor. But, I also teach how crucial it is to listen to one’s own warning systems, the alarm bells that ring inside us when we take a step backwards, making fear appear real.

It isn’t.