My bi-monthly sojourn to America’s Finest City comes after what seemed like weeks of unending, record-breaking heat in the Northeast. 

I am shocked.  At how unbelievably beautiful it is here.  We are unable to do much of anything just yet, because we are so content to be blinkingly wandering around  in all this beauty.  It is so bright out!  Even the foggy mornings near the coast seem bright.

And can I just say, the produce? Oh thank you thank you thank you thank you everyone who has contributed to all the amazing fruits and vegetables I have consumed in the last two days?

Just breathing in and out is amazing. Or sitting out. Or walking. There is a lovely breeze.  The sun is stronger here but the heat just carries right off my skin.  I lived here for a few decades and don’t remember the water being that deep teal color!

Sigh.  I feel like I’m cheating on Exeter.  So New England of me to resist the full joy of just existing by hedging….gotta love that Puritan work ethic:  anything more than moderate contentment is suspicious.  This kind of ecstasy is definitely suspect.  And I’m struggling to put being bi-coastal into context. I didn’t expect it in my life. I feel like I get the best of everything, and isn’t that the abundance we all have the power to create?

Is this what we do to all our moments?  Do we need to control them that much?  How many of them pass us by because we’re too busy extrapolating?

Still, what a great way to learn to be in the moment.  Not because it’s a great coping mechanism, or because it is Meaningful, but just because.


Not actually Sunset Cliffs. But damn close.

So I’m leaning into the “too muchness” of this moment.  And I thank the Universe for it!