I wanted this morning’s show to help paint a picture of energy healing for those people who had never seen anyone for medical help other than their standard western medical professional.

So the questions I asked Hilary and Chele all came from the place of, “what if I didn’t know what______ means?”

What came forward are some very personal, tender stories of restoring balance to the body through non-invasive means.

Some healings are spontaneous, some take time, but all are part of a journey that includes client and healer.

And wait until you hear about these women’s amazing connection to their guides.

What an honor to have an entire hour to listen and connect with these powerful healers.

They will be invited back!

You can contact Hilary at Whole Life Health Care http://mywholelifehealthcare.com/HilaryCrowley.htm

Michele can be contacted at:  clevertoast@yahoo.com

Listen in:  http://audio.wscafm.org/audio/2012/PSYCHIC-STORIES/WSCA_07-16-2012_09-00.mp3