It’s Summer Solstice time.

Hang around secular humanists and earth-centered spiritual seekers long enough and you’ll learn really quickly that the Solstices are the big deals, the events, “The Show” astronomically speaking.

But I don’t know if the pinnacle of anything Winter or Summer brings out the best in me.  I like my light-to-dark ratios slower on approach.  Here in New England, we accumulate (or lose) 15 minutes of light per week between each particular Solstice.  It doesn’t sound like much but it finally adds up to the equivalent of a whole business day at the peak.

I can say after 7 years I am probably not a Solstice kinda gal, given that it feels like my life is either on the ride up or down the biggest hill on a roller coaster.  The six weeks into and out of the peak are the most challenging, and that, my friends, adds up to 24 weeks a year, a whole six months, which I don’t really want to think about for too long.

So what I am is an Equinox worshiper.   Which sounds vaguely off and anti-anti-establishment.

Is it because I grew up in Southern California, where the days and nights stay relatively even?  Should I have made that left turn at Albuquerque?  Do I need to live in Hawaii? Some of us are sunflowers and some of us are orchids?  Well, this orchid has a whole toolbox of things to prop me up or slow me down, light boxes and light alarms and gazillions of IU’s of Vitamin D, aromatherapy oils, a fabulous acupunturist, massage therapist, therapist, and shrink.  And several different types of bedroom curtains.

This orchid, by the way, adores New England and is of Eastern European extraction, so I need to check if my cells are under warranty.

So:  starting right around May 1st I notice a lot of psychic stretching and yawning (lists, planning, planning, lists)….. but not a lot of action.  Just energy brewing.  And just because I notice this churning around the beginning of May, does not mean my soul is only just scanning for a bouncy-castle of enlightenment on this earthly plane.  It’s been gaining momentum since about the first few days in April.  May is just when it starts to mess up my hair.

There are other symptoms, that rapidly increase in intensity:  bursts of energy, interrupting people more than usual, trouble sleeping, increase in yoga attendance, furious gardening, (consequential) pulled muscles, bruises and scratches from doing two or more tasks at once (while being in motion all the time),  broken dropped things left in my wake, occasional racing heart beat, brainstorms, system overhauling, irritability, animated speech, and lots and lots.  And Lots. Of cooking and baking.  From Scratch.

Yes, my friends,  just when the temperatures are making it totally unappealing to even walk past an oven, I turn into a baker and farm-to-table apprentice.

So that’s the back story.  We’ll wait until November to treat you to the story of that particular magic carpet ride.