I’m back!  School is out for the wee ones, so that helps.

It’s pledge week at the radio station (WSCA Portsmouth 106.1), so team coverage is encouraged.  This morning for Psychic Stories I interviewed Bob McDermott of North East Paranormal Associates of New Hampshire (NEPANH).  He’s host of a show at the station called The Paranormal Zone.

It was so much fun.  Bob is an interesting fellow, very well spoken and thoughtful, and generous as the day is long.

He was visiting the governor’s mansion in Bermuda in 2005 when he felt his wife tap him on the shoulder, to get going….except it wasn’t his wife.  He turned around but nobody was there.  Shaking it off, he began to make his way through to the museum next door and noticed one of the docents down the hallway dressed up in period clothing for what he assumed was an event.

The museum staff told him they don’t do events like that.  He had just met “Frank”,  the resident ghost of the governor’s mansion.

By 2006 Bob had rallied his kids and two qualified mediums, bought some equipment, and was well on his way from total non-believer to hero of the departed.  Isn’t that wonderful?  He was literally tapped on the shoulder!

It turns out that I learned some things from today’s interview, especially about spiritual energy and how it’s conducted and transported.  Surprised me that, smarty pants that I am.  I have to admit, I, probably like most intuitives, wondered what the point was to all the lugging of heavy and expensive equipment, van upon van’s worth, all the battery stocking (evidently batteries do not last very long around spirits), all the waiting for hours in damp basements…when you can just as easily ask them a question.  Politely of course.

But there is a lot more to it than that, and Bob is one of the few paranormal investigators who value the work “mediums and psychics” are doing.  He’s inclusive.  He spent a lot of time explaining how investigators and mediums can work together for great results.

(So that’s why my household cannot seem to stay flush with batteries.  We run through them like paper towels!)

Now, onto The Lady Of The House.  Our resident guardian spirit evidently has a little ghost crush on Bob.

Here’s how I know this.   When we first moved into the pink house, I heard the usual footsteps up and down the stairs, doors closing, stuff like that.  Just the house guardians saying “Hi”.  I was flattered and touched.  One night I dreamt of a man wearing a shetland cardigan and slippers with a pipe, putting a folded newspaper under the floorboards in our hallway, the “new” flooring from the 30’s, with a twinkle in his eye. He turned and winked at me.  So that’s who did that.

But by the first summer we lived here, I went into a frenzy of activity right around the solstice, and I have continued to repeat this year after year.  Starting in May, I garden, I cook, I bake, I clean…it’s not just reverse seasonal affective disorder.  It’s The Lady of The House.  She came to me that first summer, radiant with joy that there were “children in the house again”!  She has taught me all the ways a woman kept house for her family in the 19th century.  She reads over my shoulder when I look up recipes for pie crust and tsks when she reads one that’s too fancy and complicated for her taste. She has taught me how to clean with homemade or natural products.  She has remedies for all sorts of maladies I have written down on index cards.  She encouraged me to start knitting, to bake bread, to grow a vegetable garden.  All of which required courage for this raised-in-the-suburbs-of-West-L.A. gal.

According to her, I live in her domain, not the other way around, and she has guided me to slow my pace and live more simply. There’s a lot about modern womanhood she doesn’t understand, and a lot she admires too.  She is as open to observing me as I am her. I am so grateful for all she has taught me.

The baking frenzy started up the week after I met Bob.  It was more intense this year.  Through the increase in baking, she’s telling me to pay attention to him and keep an open mind, learn.  And because Bob is so considerate of the spirit world, both as an emissary and as an ambassador, she’s showing her appreciation through me.  In the form of baked goods, evidently.

So Bob, I owe you a loaf of bread. Or two.  Or maybe you would like the gingerbread coffeecake muffins.  Or the chocolate coconut caramel bars…..or…….