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I love this picture.  The one up here, in the title header.

I love it as a visual of the soul:  a magnificent beautiful room, light, airy…..it’s a room that pulls one into itself, deeply and calmly.  There’s enough space to really dance.  There are chandeliers that illuminate the way.  There are windows for orienting oneself in the world.

This picture is possibly a hall from a French Chateau, which is the type of soul room I imagine I’m exploring currently.  I have just returned from Paris, where I gave two workshops and several readings.

I was blown apart into infinite particles and put back together by this trip.  Into someone completely different, but also more truly myself.  It’s been two weeks since I’ve been home.  Words have returned to me, and I have some fabulous stories to share.

Abiento, mon ami.  Stay tuned.